Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Design Companies Lease Out Extra Space


Design companies usually go through several ups and downs over the years in terms of total staff.  Large projects can cause you to ramp up temporary staff and expand office space.  Once the project is over, you can be left with plenty of unused office space.  Many companies decide to sublet out this space to other small businesses.

The ideal situation is to find one subletter to take the entire space.  However, some spaces are just too large to make this happen.  In these cases, the space can be turned into an executive suite service.  Then you will break it up into many single spaces for individuals to rent.  Lawyers, accountants, and builders are perfect for this situation.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Contour Design Macbook Sleeve

contour design macbook sleeve is a very versatile carrying case for apple laptops.  Being able to be purchased to fit any sized laptop they make great safe transportation units.  The Contour cases come with a zipper pouch where the laptop charger, mouse, or any other equipment can be stored.  There is also a Contour Reversible out now that can be flipped inside out to reveal a second color that the case can be. 

Consisting of two layers of cushioning neoprene, the macbook sleeve wraps comfortably around the laptop on the inside while having a very convenient an easily accessible zippered pouch on the outside. the Contours outer pocket is comprised of the entire front creating a deep compartment. The pocket is perfect for keys, cell phones, wallets, or anything else that you may be carrying on you.  While the laptop is in the carrying case it will be protected from scratches and cracks as well as lower the chance of the laptop cracking or breaking if it is dropped.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Allen Iverson Braid Design

allen iverson braid design typically have what are called cornrows or braids but what sets his hair apart from just plain corn rows are the various patterns and braid designs that make up his personal hairstyles. The hairstyles can be considered pieces of artwork. To braid hair to look like Allen’s you must be real talented with a lot of skill. His braids are very popular due to the fact that he always changes the rows and artistic style of his hair.

Dionne Matthews is the woman who braids his hair. She even comes up with original names for the hair styles that she gives to Allen.  Creating these types of hairstyles is not easy and the process of doing the corn rows takes a good deal of time.  In order to achieve elaborate designs through corn rows the person must have a rather long head of hair.  Though the process of achieving stylish designs through cornrows takes quite a bit of time the finished product lasts for a couple of weeks.  

Monday, January 17, 2011

Scottish Thistle Tattoo Design

 The scottish thistle tattoo design is a distinctly Scottish emblem, it relates to the pride in being one of the people who descended from the Scots who emigrated around the world. The thistle is a symbol of pride, determination, tenacity and toughness in the face of great hardship and long odds
The plant on its own is not unlike a weed. 

The plant is very defensive in the fact that it has thorns and spikes covering the leafs as well as its flower.  The plant grows back stronger after being pulled if any of the root system is left in the ground. Another defensive aspect of the plant is how little water it needs.  The thistle is able to survive drought better than most other plants.  These defensive strengths make the plant very strong and hard to get rid of which is why it has been the symbol of the Scottish for so many years.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Design Racing Silks

design racing silks are the clothing that jockeys wear as they race.  The silks got their name from the fact that they were once entirely made out of silk.  Thought you can still get real silk racing clothes the more common occurrence is that of nylon or lycra.  The nylon and lycra breaths a little bit easier and allows for more comfort.  The colors and patterns that jockeys wear have to be registered in order to participate in races.  This allowed spectators to be able to tell jockeys apart as well as know who they are racing for.  So when it comes time to decide your uniforms design and color scheme it would be a good idea to check to see if your design has been registered already. 

When looking at high quality silks one should look to see if the shirt uses buttons or the more commonly used poppers.  The poppers will not fall off a shirt as easily as a button will.  It’s also a good idea to find a racing shirt that has longer shirt tails.  The tails allow for easier tucking of the shirt as well as keeping the shirt from becoming untucked while racing.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flight Design CTLS

flight design ctls has been certified to international airworthiness standards in the United States, Europe, China and India. The structure of the CTLS is over 90% carbon fiber and aramid providing superior protection in the form of what is called a “Safety Cell” for the pilot and passenger. In addition to the structural safety built into the CTLS, four-point safety harnesses and wing located fuel tanks are just a few safety features of this aircraft.

Every Flight Design delivered to the United States of America comes equipped with the BRS 1350 parachute system.  The airframe parachute is deployed with a handle located between the seats and provides an added measure of safety for pilot and passenger.

The large cabin of the CTLS has a width of 49″.  The ergonomic arrangement of the controls and instruments, plus the CTLS terrific visibility, makes long flights and learning to fly more relaxing and fun.

Thermoforming Hinge Design

Thermoforming is a term describing the process of producing plastic parts from a sheet of plastic under temperature and pressure. Thermoforming offers, tight specifications, and sharp detail. With advanced finishing techniques, high-technology thermoforming creates products that are on par with those formed by injection molding.  Thermoformed plastics surround us in our daily lives. They have replaced many parts previously manufactured from wood, paper, glass, and metal.
thermoforming hinge design is efficient and cost effective for the production of plastic parts for any size, shape, or quantity. Temporary tooling offers an inexpensive short-term test for design issues and product market acceptance.

The steps to successful thermoforming starts with heating a thermoplastic sheet to a temperature that softens it for molding purposes.  Sheets come in a wide range of thicknesses depending on the desired product.  Then you must stretch the sheet to conform to a custom mold.  Then it is cooled until it becomes rigid and maintains the desired shape.  You then trim the plastic parts to eliminate edges.  The next step is the fabrication to configure it in to its final shape.