Friday, December 31, 2010

PSA Airlines logo

PSA Airlines is run out of Vandalia, Ohio and is owned by the US Airways Group. They were founded in 1980 and currently have a fleet size of 49 with up to 55 destinations.

Airline logos tend to all stick to a similar format which the PSA Airlines logo seems to also do the same. Since they fly under the US Airways Express banner that is the prominent thing featured on their jets. But their logo is also well seen in other areas such as their official website. The logo is in a serif type of font but is drawn to look sleek and modern. The text is also in a drop embossed effect, with white on the top part of the text and dark blue on the edges. Underneath the text in the logo are two colors with the white in the background to serve as the 3rd. These colors are dark blue and red.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frosted Flakes Logo

Frosted Flakes is a cereal owned by the Kellogg’s company. The cereal is made up of corn flakes that are frosted with sugar.  Unfortunately the name of the cereal “Frosted Flakes” cannot be trademarked so when marketing this product they always remember to say or put down “Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes”. Since their name is not trademarked Kellogg’s relies heavily on the logo design and cereal mascot.

The Frosted Flakes logo is featured on all their cereal boxes and hasn’t changed too drastically over the years. The most recognizable thing about this cereal is the cartoon tiger. The tiger is mostly seen pointing his right arm into the air with his index finger extended. Next to the tiger is the famous quote “They’re GR-R-Reat!” he always says in TV commercials. Above the tiger is the Frosted Flakes text in a embossed blue and white design. This text also has a white outer glow to it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twin Pines Dairy Logo

The Twin Pines Dairy logo is very classic and perfect for its time period. This logo could be seen on ice cream trucks from twin pines farm dairy back in the 1940’s. In present day this logo can still be seen on restored classic ice cream trucks and miniature model replicas. The logo always is on the back part of the ice cream van where in present day would be a window in place of that on mini vans.

It features two pine trees one standing slightly taller than the other one since the trees were drawn on a sloping hill. Also it reads Twin Pines on the left side of the two trees and on the right side it reads Farm Dairy. This text is also inside of a horizontal banner drawing that is not filled with any color. Since the ice cream truck they are driving is in a manila color the background of this banner and the rest of this logo is also in manila.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Griffey Swingman Logo

The Nike Air Griffey swingman logo goes perfectly with their other product they manufacture which is incredibly popular known as “Air Jordan”. The logo is designed to look basically like a baseball version of the Air Jordan symbol. I am able to tell the by the silhouette player along with a trademark stance that Ken Griffey, Jr. made popular.

The Air Griffey symbol has been placed various pieces of merchandise due to its simplistic design. Since the symbol is in a followed through swing of the bat there is a diagonal line around the Griffey symbol to show that Ken Griffey Jr. is a great hitter and what he is most known for. Perhaps this makes his admirers want to purchase his product thinking they’ll somehow be able to hit the baseball more effectively. Or maybe just to look as cool as Ken Griffey Jr. since his baseball cap is also backwards in the logo.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Global Unity Logo

GPU or Global Peace and Unity event is a two day conference held in London put together by the Islam channel. It’s the largest Muslim conference of its type in Europe. It brought in fifty five thousand people from five different continents in the 2006 GPU conference. The Global Unity logo they used to market this event also seems to have helped with the success of this conference.

The logo is in a white text that is very simple but yet official looking in this format. The focal point of this logo is the letters G, P, and U followed by the year of the conference it is advertising. The words Global Peace & Unity Event are listed above the focal point of this logo to clarify what the three letters stand for. Then below the focal point and center of the logo is the date of the conference appropriately listing the day before the month since this event takes place in Europe.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Angostura Bitters logo

Angostura Bitters is usually referred to as angostura and has a very famous way of branding their product. Their logo is featured on a bottle with an oversized label. At the top of this label hanging loosely is the Angostura Bitters logo. It is a very old brand that was started in the early 1800s so of course the logo has a vintage look to it.

The text that reads “Angostura” is a curved text bending upwards from the middle. The text is also in a wavy Serif font type look, and is squeezed together to basically fit within the two vertical lines on the bottle. Above this text is a seal that looks like a back of a coin. This symbol is very simple by featuring 3 people without faces and only lightly shaded. In other advertisements and products the text of this logo is in a red font.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Doctors Without Borders Logo

Médecins Sans Frontières is known as doctors without borders in the United States, but it is known over the rest of the world as its French name under the initials “MSF”. This organization kept this in mind when creating their logo to look like the same logo but alternate text.

The doctors without borders logo is in three colors: red, black, and white. The main and only symbol in this logo is a red and white stick figure that was drawn in with 4 individual red lines, a dot for the head, and the legs were erased from red to white. These lines look as if they were made by a red marker. The head is simply a circular oval red dot; the arms are just a single red line going horizontally. The text that reads Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors with Borders is in a italicized bold Arial font.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

IBM WebSphere logo

IBM has created several products and marketing campaigns over the years. So it comes as no surprise to know when creating a logo that will be one of their featured products it should be neat, recognizable, and marketable.

This IBM WebSphere logo can be seen on a number of IBM’s software products. The brand name “WebSphere” is in white text in a light purple rectangle. Next to that is the text free standing by itself not inside any shape in black text that reads “Software”. This logo is almost always underneath or right next to the IBM logo. This is something that will benefit their company in the long haul. By doing this IBM will have another brand to market, or sell to another company at a valuable price.

The IBM Company has built a reputation of being a professional technological corporation. Therefore the WebSphere logo compliments this IBM’s theme quite nicely.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Air Force Information Assurance Logo

When designing logos for the government I could only imagine how difficult it must be to decide on a logo. Also what it is that they’re trying to accomplish with their logo. The Air Force Information Assurance logo leaves us asking these questions.

This logo is a circular emblem with two main colors: blue and gold. At the top reads Information Assurance. Then in the middle of the logo is a knight with a sword and a helmet with a very subtle looking silver crown on his head. The helmet completely covers the knight’s head and looks to be from the crusades time period. Another thing in the logo next to the knight is planet earth slightly levitating. The earth is completely covered in connecting dots that portray that this organization protects information on earth or is connected across the globe.  Underneath this picture is the text “Defenders of the Domain” which does help a little bit in explaining this unusual looking logo.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fidelity Investments Logo

A company such as Fidelity Investments understands that a successful image is crucial in the financial services industry. So the Fidelity Investments logo is a perfect fit for serving as a symbol of the type of excellence they promise to all their investors and clients.

The signature element to their logo that is used everywhere from their TV commercials to their twitter account is the pyramid in a circle. This pyramid’s tip is levitating slightly upward along with a sun floating in the background. The pyramid has three dimensions to it. This is accomplished by the shading of the far left side of the pyramid. Also the symbol is in gold and white with the pyramid and sun being in white, and the background being gold. The text that reads Fidelity Investments takes a more conservative approach. It is bolded in Arial and around 5 degrees slanting to the right in a forest green color.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

MMWR logo

When designing a logo for publications about serious subjects like disease control & prevention it is important to keep an appropriate & professional look.  The MMWR logo is a good representation of this, but perhaps might have created a logo too simplistic. So simplistic that CDC (the organization that publishes this report) does not even bother to use their same logo for MMWR on different mediums. The main MMWR logo that is seen on pdfs and other websites is big bold arial text in light blue that reads MMWR. Sometimes this logo is italicized and slanted to the right, but it is hard to tell if this was an older logo format they went with or one CDC simply alternates with.

Either way it’s a little confusing to figure out if they are both affiliated with the CDC. Fortunately the organization CDC chooses to use one constant logo. This helps make up for their publications lack of one.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Comfort Suites Logo

The Comfort Suites logo was made to look elegant and classic. The main symbol in their logo is the letter C and the letter S. These letters were also designed to look cursive but are in fact still in normal print. Still these gold colored letters connect through the bottom of each end with the letter C being slightly more elevated than the letter S creating a loop. Next this recognizable symbol is put on a blue circle background. The main background is red and features a gold sharp cornered square border around two pixels in from the outside of the logo. This gives a hint of a traditional hotel look.

The Comfort Suites sans-serif text at the bottom of the symbol is probably their most identifiable part of this logo. Since their symbol has changed over the years from different circle shapes but they left that part the same.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Levi Jean Logo

The Levi Jean logo is classic and has only been simplified over the years. This was done in order to create a more recognizable brand rather than the extravagant one they used in the early years of their company. The original logo was created around the year 1873 and can still be seen on most of their jeans as patch behind the belt loop part on the back of the jeans.

The most well known logo and primary logo is a manipulated rectangle with their brand name on it. The background is red and the sans-serif text is white that reads “Levi’s”. The font used resembles a Broadway type of boldness. Perhaps this was to give a hint of vintage to their brand. The rectangle’s bottom portion has three points to it with a slight curve upward connecting these points to create the shape. The sides also are curved straight line down inward to create almost a banner type look to the Levi’s Jeans logo.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wolf Head Logo

The Wolf Head logo is a red almost frightening logo based on the sharpness the teeth in the wolf’s head were drawn. Also the fact that the logo is either bright red or black based on the background they use only adds to their brands intensity. Its ears are sharp curved triangles which best tell us it is a wolf. Next to the symbol is the Text that reads their company name in a serif font. Their tagline “Run with the Wolf” underneath the logo helps convey to the consumer this is what your vehicle can run like. This logo is found on all their products on either black, white, red, or gold backgrounds.

This is a company that specializes in motor oil and apparently uses the outdoors and or hunting look to help sell their product. This company knows what it is doing; they have been in business since 1879 and continually met or exceeded the industry standards.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Eastern Bikes Logo

Bicycle companies have to appeal to the youth as well as the extreme sports culture. The Eastern Bikes logo did just that with their creative design. The entire logo features the name of their company along with a symbol. This symbol is a hybrid of the letter E and the letter B. It’s a sharp design that somehow conveys to their consumer that their products are designed with the same precision. Since they created such a recognizable symbol in their logo they can now market clothing instead of only bikes and accessories.

There are many variations of this logo found on several of their marketing campaigns. But the main one they continue with is a square in the background of the letters that has rounded corners on the left side and sharp corners on the right filled in with the color red. Also the letters somehow fit together like puzzle pieces right on top of each other vertically. However there is a slit on both parts that transform the letter B into the letter E.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

College of American Pathologists Logo

College of American Pathologists logo has a very unique look to it. It is a circular logo with a triangle like design with gold to blue gradient going horizontal in the middle. Displaying this in logos creates a three dimensional element. Also it could display a shimmering effect to represent almost a seal of approval to whatever item this logo is placed on.
The A symbol in the middle is a series of lines wrapped around that from a distance looks a lot like a triangle. The dot in the middle of this triangle is a creative & subtle way of designing a letter “A”.  Next they carefully placed an oval underneath this triangle A to further enhance their three dimensional effect. On the outside of the logo they have text that reads “College of American Pathologists” going clockwise around on the blue part of the border.  Overall I would have to rate this organization’s logo a success.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

IEC Standards Logo

Advanced and professional companies require particular elements in their logo. So the IEC Standards logo this applies especially. The company was founded in 1906 and has since provided long history of service to the industry. IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission and leads the global organizations that prepare and publishes international standards for every electrical, electronic and related technology.

The logo is in a blue background, which is used throughout the color scheme of their whole company’s website and other things where their logo is present. The text of the letters I, E, and C are in a simple sans-serif font. This basically means there are no “serifs” at the end of each letters point. It’s a practice used by almost every technological business since serif fonts have an older feel to them. Technology based companies are not trying to be classic, they are trying to be modern. Then to make the logo unique they added three underlines underneath the letters as well as a dot at the end.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New John Deere Logo

Overtime brand names turn into symbols, especially if that brand is something that stands apart from their competitors. The John Deere Company has accomplished such a feat. Thankfully, the new John Deere logo only adds to the allure of their brand. It encompasses a more sleek design and modern appeal.

The square around the deer is a subtle gradient from green to light green. Also the deer figure in the logo also is now touching the ground with its hind legs. This could be thought of as a symbol for how strong their company has become over the past one hundred and twenty years.

In the past their logo has always had the trademarked deer and this logo is no different. Something they did change was the text “John Deere” is now outside the square. This will now let them place their logo in smaller areas on their equipment, letterhead, or whatever they desire. This is accredited to the deer now being just as recognizable as the brand name itself.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Sharp Copier Logo

Printer companies all know the basic fundamentals when designing their company’s logo. The Sharp copier logo is among these. Sharp went with red as their primary and only color. Canon also uses this same color which is another respected printer company. This only makes the Sharp logo that much more recognizable and well-regarded. Another fundamental Sharp went with was keeping it simple. So subtle that all it takes is a glance to know the consumer is using a sharp copier.

The logo uses an Arial font which is a nice touch considering that is the preferred printed font by the consumer. The text in the logo does have its own uniqueness to it. The letters S, A, R, and P all have been slightly altered from the regular Arial font family. This separates themselves from their competitors such as Canon, Xerox, and Toshiba. The Sharp copier logo may not be the most creative logo, but it might certainly be one of the most recognizable.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Habbo Hotel Logo

The Habbo Hotel Logo is a perfect representation of its social networking website aimed at teenagers. Since they have the largest virtual community and social game for teenagers they need a font to captivate their interests. When designing a logo for the youth it is good to keep in mind they are more into entertainment than business at this point.

The logo is three dimensional which is appropriate to their website. In the virtual community it is primarily three dimensional, but based on a cartoonish look. This looks good throughout their promo shots of Habbo Hotel’s social network.

Super Mario also is very similar to this Habbo Hotel logo. This is an excellent choice since Super Mario is one of the most successful ongoing products in the selective youth’s society. Since Habbo and Habbo Hotel’s logo are the same logo minus the word Hotel they can develop new products with their Habbo logo and not lose the Habbo Hotel’s loyal consumers.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hooligan Logo

The Hooligan Streetwear Logo does a wonderful job is representing their product. It follows the punk rocker scene which seems to be what their consumers would look for when buying a piece of clothing.

In today’s society you have to keep in mind that your logo is your company, especially if you sell clothing with your company’s name. The Hooligan Logo was designed using an old English font. Instead of title casing their logo they decided to start off with a lower case letter h. That will set their logo even more apart from their competitors such as Hurley or Hot Topic. Also they decided to go with black as their logo’s color. A wise choice since black will never go out style. The dot over the letter I is a tiny skull. This helps show the consumer who the brand is geared towards. Having a theme in a logo is a major part of creating logos and I do believe Hooligan Streetwear has achieved this.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brand Channel Logo

With each channel of your business, you are faced with the question of creating a new logo or not.  The best practice for brand channel logo creation is to use the original logo in the design of the brand channel logo.  This can be as simple as adding text under the main brand or the right of it. 

The reason to do this is to leverage the brand recognition of the core logo.  This can be seen in Richard Branson's Virgin companies.  Every channel and brand within the company uses the Virgin brand.  Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, etc.  If he were to create a new logo for each division, then he would have to start from zero in regards to brand equity.  The Virgin brand is already worth billions of dollars.  Each channel brand uses the existing brand equity and reinforces the Virgin brand, adding more equity to the brand.

Make your own Logo Design

If you are going to make your own logo design, then you need a good photo editor and an idea.  The best editor to use for a logo is Adobe Illustrator.  This will keep your logo sharp without pixelation.  If you use photoshop, then you will be limited to using your logo on the web.  Illustrator files can be used for brochures, shirts, cars, and just about anything you can slap a logo on.

It is best to draw out your vision on a sheet of paper before going straight into Illustrator.  When you are laying out your vision on paper, try and remember that you want to keep it as simple as possible.  When you look at the logos of Fortune 5000 companies you rarely see something over the top.  Their logos usually use 2-3 colors and have text with one image.

Once you draw it out on paper, then you need to identify the exact HEX numbers of the colors that you will be using.  Start with your primary color.  Then take it to a color wheel online.  From there, you will be able to identify complimentary colors associated with your primary HEX. 

At this point, you can either attempt to do it yourself in Illustrator or find someone who will do it for you.  The drawing and the colors will make it easy for a logo designer to translate your vision into an exact and precise logo.

Create your own Motorcycle Logo

Motorcycle groups and gangs are known by their logos that are sported on the back of their jackets.  Everytime a biker passes us on the freeway, the first thing our eyes focus on is the logo emblazed across the back of their jacket.

To create your own motorcycle logo you have to start with some basic elements.  One of the key elements to a great motorcycle logo is the use of fire.  This can be seen in the the Hells Angels logo, which is the most recognized logo associated with motorcycle groups.  Fire is best used on the edges, around, or at the bottom of the logo.

The next crucial element is the skull.  Skulls are a primary focus on most logos associated with motorcycle groups.  One of the most common uses of the skull is within the helmet. 

Once you determine the location of the skull and fire, then it is time to personalize it to your group.  What makes your group special?  If it is a California group, then you may want to incorporate a bear into logo. 

Michigan Wolverine Logo

The Michigan wolverine logo is one of the most storied logos in college football history.  The original logo used two basic colors from yellow and blue.  The logo we see on the side of the helmets today uses a different blue and yellow.

The "M" is associated only with the University of Michigan.  The only other letter that gets close to popularity is the "W," which is associated with Wisconsin.

The key to the success of this logo has been in the simplicity along with the strong choose in colors.  The Michigan Wolverine logo contributes to 100s of millions in dollars of sales of products emblazed with the M logo.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 Keys to Creating a Great Website Logo

1) Colors - Choose colors wisely.  Pick 2-3 that compliment each other.  Use a color wheel to identify colors that work well together.
2) Font - Identify a font that will work well and is not over the top unique.  Using Georgia and Arial is fine. You can make it unique by adjusting the size and shape of different letters.
3) Clipart - Work a simple piece of clipart into your text.  This can be something that represents your brand or the industry your in.
4) Size - If you are in a B2B business, then you want your logo to be a conservative size.  With B2C there is more flexibility.
5) Location - The default location is in the top right hand side.  Best to not rock the boat on this one