Friday, November 19, 2010

Brand Channel Logo

With each channel of your business, you are faced with the question of creating a new logo or not.  The best practice for brand channel logo creation is to use the original logo in the design of the brand channel logo.  This can be as simple as adding text under the main brand or the right of it. 

The reason to do this is to leverage the brand recognition of the core logo.  This can be seen in Richard Branson's Virgin companies.  Every channel and brand within the company uses the Virgin brand.  Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, etc.  If he were to create a new logo for each division, then he would have to start from zero in regards to brand equity.  The Virgin brand is already worth billions of dollars.  Each channel brand uses the existing brand equity and reinforces the Virgin brand, adding more equity to the brand.

Make your own Logo Design

If you are going to make your own logo design, then you need a good photo editor and an idea.  The best editor to use for a logo is Adobe Illustrator.  This will keep your logo sharp without pixelation.  If you use photoshop, then you will be limited to using your logo on the web.  Illustrator files can be used for brochures, shirts, cars, and just about anything you can slap a logo on.

It is best to draw out your vision on a sheet of paper before going straight into Illustrator.  When you are laying out your vision on paper, try and remember that you want to keep it as simple as possible.  When you look at the logos of Fortune 5000 companies you rarely see something over the top.  Their logos usually use 2-3 colors and have text with one image.

Once you draw it out on paper, then you need to identify the exact HEX numbers of the colors that you will be using.  Start with your primary color.  Then take it to a color wheel online.  From there, you will be able to identify complimentary colors associated with your primary HEX. 

At this point, you can either attempt to do it yourself in Illustrator or find someone who will do it for you.  The drawing and the colors will make it easy for a logo designer to translate your vision into an exact and precise logo.

Create your own Motorcycle Logo

Motorcycle groups and gangs are known by their logos that are sported on the back of their jackets.  Everytime a biker passes us on the freeway, the first thing our eyes focus on is the logo emblazed across the back of their jacket.

To create your own motorcycle logo you have to start with some basic elements.  One of the key elements to a great motorcycle logo is the use of fire.  This can be seen in the the Hells Angels logo, which is the most recognized logo associated with motorcycle groups.  Fire is best used on the edges, around, or at the bottom of the logo.

The next crucial element is the skull.  Skulls are a primary focus on most logos associated with motorcycle groups.  One of the most common uses of the skull is within the helmet. 

Once you determine the location of the skull and fire, then it is time to personalize it to your group.  What makes your group special?  If it is a California group, then you may want to incorporate a bear into logo. 

Michigan Wolverine Logo

The Michigan wolverine logo is one of the most storied logos in college football history.  The original logo used two basic colors from yellow and blue.  The logo we see on the side of the helmets today uses a different blue and yellow.

The "M" is associated only with the University of Michigan.  The only other letter that gets close to popularity is the "W," which is associated with Wisconsin.

The key to the success of this logo has been in the simplicity along with the strong choose in colors.  The Michigan Wolverine logo contributes to 100s of millions in dollars of sales of products emblazed with the M logo.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

5 Keys to Creating a Great Website Logo

1) Colors - Choose colors wisely.  Pick 2-3 that compliment each other.  Use a color wheel to identify colors that work well together.
2) Font - Identify a font that will work well and is not over the top unique.  Using Georgia and Arial is fine. You can make it unique by adjusting the size and shape of different letters.
3) Clipart - Work a simple piece of clipart into your text.  This can be something that represents your brand or the industry your in.
4) Size - If you are in a B2B business, then you want your logo to be a conservative size.  With B2C there is more flexibility.
5) Location - The default location is in the top right hand side.  Best to not rock the boat on this one