Friday, November 19, 2010

Create your own Motorcycle Logo

Motorcycle groups and gangs are known by their logos that are sported on the back of their jackets.  Everytime a biker passes us on the freeway, the first thing our eyes focus on is the logo emblazed across the back of their jacket.

To create your own motorcycle logo you have to start with some basic elements.  One of the key elements to a great motorcycle logo is the use of fire.  This can be seen in the the Hells Angels logo, which is the most recognized logo associated with motorcycle groups.  Fire is best used on the edges, around, or at the bottom of the logo.

The next crucial element is the skull.  Skulls are a primary focus on most logos associated with motorcycle groups.  One of the most common uses of the skull is within the helmet. 

Once you determine the location of the skull and fire, then it is time to personalize it to your group.  What makes your group special?  If it is a California group, then you may want to incorporate a bear into logo. 

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