Thursday, December 23, 2010

Angostura Bitters logo

Angostura Bitters is usually referred to as angostura and has a very famous way of branding their product. Their logo is featured on a bottle with an oversized label. At the top of this label hanging loosely is the Angostura Bitters logo. It is a very old brand that was started in the early 1800s so of course the logo has a vintage look to it.

The text that reads “Angostura” is a curved text bending upwards from the middle. The text is also in a wavy Serif font type look, and is squeezed together to basically fit within the two vertical lines on the bottle. Above this text is a seal that looks like a back of a coin. This symbol is very simple by featuring 3 people without faces and only lightly shaded. In other advertisements and products the text of this logo is in a red font.

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