Thursday, December 9, 2010

College of American Pathologists Logo

College of American Pathologists logo has a very unique look to it. It is a circular logo with a triangle like design with gold to blue gradient going horizontal in the middle. Displaying this in logos creates a three dimensional element. Also it could display a shimmering effect to represent almost a seal of approval to whatever item this logo is placed on.
The A symbol in the middle is a series of lines wrapped around that from a distance looks a lot like a triangle. The dot in the middle of this triangle is a creative & subtle way of designing a letter “A”.  Next they carefully placed an oval underneath this triangle A to further enhance their three dimensional effect. On the outside of the logo they have text that reads “College of American Pathologists” going clockwise around on the blue part of the border.  Overall I would have to rate this organization’s logo a success.

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