Friday, December 10, 2010

Eastern Bikes Logo

Bicycle companies have to appeal to the youth as well as the extreme sports culture. The Eastern Bikes logo did just that with their creative design. The entire logo features the name of their company along with a symbol. This symbol is a hybrid of the letter E and the letter B. It’s a sharp design that somehow conveys to their consumer that their products are designed with the same precision. Since they created such a recognizable symbol in their logo they can now market clothing instead of only bikes and accessories.

There are many variations of this logo found on several of their marketing campaigns. But the main one they continue with is a square in the background of the letters that has rounded corners on the left side and sharp corners on the right filled in with the color red. Also the letters somehow fit together like puzzle pieces right on top of each other vertically. However there is a slit on both parts that transform the letter B into the letter E.

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