Friday, December 17, 2010

Fidelity Investments Logo

A company such as Fidelity Investments understands that a successful image is crucial in the financial services industry. So the Fidelity Investments logo is a perfect fit for serving as a symbol of the type of excellence they promise to all their investors and clients.

The signature element to their logo that is used everywhere from their TV commercials to their twitter account is the pyramid in a circle. This pyramid’s tip is levitating slightly upward along with a sun floating in the background. The pyramid has three dimensions to it. This is accomplished by the shading of the far left side of the pyramid. Also the symbol is in gold and white with the pyramid and sun being in white, and the background being gold. The text that reads Fidelity Investments takes a more conservative approach. It is bolded in Arial and around 5 degrees slanting to the right in a forest green color.

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