Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Griffey Swingman Logo

The Nike Air Griffey swingman logo goes perfectly with their other product they manufacture which is incredibly popular known as “Air Jordan”. The logo is designed to look basically like a baseball version of the Air Jordan symbol. I am able to tell the by the silhouette player along with a trademark stance that Ken Griffey, Jr. made popular.

The Air Griffey symbol has been placed various pieces of merchandise due to its simplistic design. Since the symbol is in a followed through swing of the bat there is a diagonal line around the Griffey symbol to show that Ken Griffey Jr. is a great hitter and what he is most known for. Perhaps this makes his admirers want to purchase his product thinking they’ll somehow be able to hit the baseball more effectively. Or maybe just to look as cool as Ken Griffey Jr. since his baseball cap is also backwards in the logo.

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