Friday, December 3, 2010

Habbo Hotel Logo

The Habbo Hotel Logo is a perfect representation of its social networking website aimed at teenagers. Since they have the largest virtual community and social game for teenagers they need a font to captivate their interests. When designing a logo for the youth it is good to keep in mind they are more into entertainment than business at this point.

The logo is three dimensional which is appropriate to their website. In the virtual community it is primarily three dimensional, but based on a cartoonish look. This looks good throughout their promo shots of Habbo Hotel’s social network.

Super Mario also is very similar to this Habbo Hotel logo. This is an excellent choice since Super Mario is one of the most successful ongoing products in the selective youth’s society. Since Habbo and Habbo Hotel’s logo are the same logo minus the word Hotel they can develop new products with their Habbo logo and not lose the Habbo Hotel’s loyal consumers.

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