Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hooligan Logo

The Hooligan Streetwear Logo does a wonderful job is representing their product. It follows the punk rocker scene which seems to be what their consumers would look for when buying a piece of clothing.

In today’s society you have to keep in mind that your logo is your company, especially if you sell clothing with your company’s name. The Hooligan Logo was designed using an old English font. Instead of title casing their logo they decided to start off with a lower case letter h. That will set their logo even more apart from their competitors such as Hurley or Hot Topic. Also they decided to go with black as their logo’s color. A wise choice since black will never go out style. The dot over the letter I is a tiny skull. This helps show the consumer who the brand is geared towards. Having a theme in a logo is a major part of creating logos and I do believe Hooligan Streetwear has achieved this.

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