Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Levi Jean Logo

The Levi Jean logo is classic and has only been simplified over the years. This was done in order to create a more recognizable brand rather than the extravagant one they used in the early years of their company. The original logo was created around the year 1873 and can still be seen on most of their jeans as patch behind the belt loop part on the back of the jeans.

The most well known logo and primary logo is a manipulated rectangle with their brand name on it. The background is red and the sans-serif text is white that reads “Levi’s”. The font used resembles a Broadway type of boldness. Perhaps this was to give a hint of vintage to their brand. The rectangle’s bottom portion has three points to it with a slight curve upward connecting these points to create the shape. The sides also are curved straight line down inward to create almost a banner type look to the Levi’s Jeans logo.

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