Thursday, December 16, 2010

MMWR logo

When designing a logo for publications about serious subjects like disease control & prevention it is important to keep an appropriate & professional look.  The MMWR logo is a good representation of this, but perhaps might have created a logo too simplistic. So simplistic that CDC (the organization that publishes this report) does not even bother to use their same logo for MMWR on different mediums. The main MMWR logo that is seen on pdfs and other websites is big bold arial text in light blue that reads MMWR. Sometimes this logo is italicized and slanted to the right, but it is hard to tell if this was an older logo format they went with or one CDC simply alternates with.

Either way it’s a little confusing to figure out if they are both affiliated with the CDC. Fortunately the organization CDC chooses to use one constant logo. This helps make up for their publications lack of one.

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