Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New John Deere Logo

Overtime brand names turn into symbols, especially if that brand is something that stands apart from their competitors. The John Deere Company has accomplished such a feat. Thankfully, the new John Deere logo only adds to the allure of their brand. It encompasses a more sleek design and modern appeal.

The square around the deer is a subtle gradient from green to light green. Also the deer figure in the logo also is now touching the ground with its hind legs. This could be thought of as a symbol for how strong their company has become over the past one hundred and twenty years.

In the past their logo has always had the trademarked deer and this logo is no different. Something they did change was the text “John Deere” is now outside the square. This will now let them place their logo in smaller areas on their equipment, letterhead, or whatever they desire. This is accredited to the deer now being just as recognizable as the brand name itself.

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