Monday, December 6, 2010

Sharp Copier Logo

Printer companies all know the basic fundamentals when designing their company’s logo. The Sharp copier logo is among these. Sharp went with red as their primary and only color. Canon also uses this same color which is another respected printer company. This only makes the Sharp logo that much more recognizable and well-regarded. Another fundamental Sharp went with was keeping it simple. So subtle that all it takes is a glance to know the consumer is using a sharp copier.

The logo uses an Arial font which is a nice touch considering that is the preferred printed font by the consumer. The text in the logo does have its own uniqueness to it. The letters S, A, R, and P all have been slightly altered from the regular Arial font family. This separates themselves from their competitors such as Canon, Xerox, and Toshiba. The Sharp copier logo may not be the most creative logo, but it might certainly be one of the most recognizable.

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