Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Twin Pines Dairy Logo

The Twin Pines Dairy logo is very classic and perfect for its time period. This logo could be seen on ice cream trucks from twin pines farm dairy back in the 1940’s. In present day this logo can still be seen on restored classic ice cream trucks and miniature model replicas. The logo always is on the back part of the ice cream van where in present day would be a window in place of that on mini vans.

It features two pine trees one standing slightly taller than the other one since the trees were drawn on a sloping hill. Also it reads Twin Pines on the left side of the two trees and on the right side it reads Farm Dairy. This text is also inside of a horizontal banner drawing that is not filled with any color. Since the ice cream truck they are driving is in a manila color the background of this banner and the rest of this logo is also in manila.

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