Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HRBlock Logo

The creators of H&R Block are Henry and Richard Bloch.   They wished to put their name on the business but were worried that people would pronounce their names Blocht, so it became Block. The hrblock logo is very simplistic in design.  It consists of a large green square standing to the left with the words H&R Block in bold black font to the right.  The normal design of the logo reads left to right making the green block the first thing seen.   The logo is also more recognizable from a distance because of the green block.

An interesting fact about the logo is that it cannot be copyrighted; the symbol and letters are so simple that they do not meet copyrighting requirements.  Though not copyrighted, the logo still stands alone as a trademarked symbol of the company.  The green color of the block is meant to symbolize health or a healthy environment.   

1 comment:

  1. Wise Decision. It should be designed this way only. However, if they would have consulted with a logo design company earlier, maybe they had more options to choose from.