Monday, January 3, 2011

long island ducks logo

The Long Island Ducks are a professional baseball team based in New York.  They play out of the baseball park that has recently been renamed Bethpage Ballpark having been changed from EAB Park.  This team does not play in the MLB. 
The long island ducks logo is a word mark; meaning that the stylized graphic is specifically created for and solely owned by the Long Island Ducks.  The logo itself consists of the colors black, green and orange and has a cartoon styled duck’s head which creates the shape of the D.  The letters following are filled in orange with a black shadow hanging down and to the right.  The letters are linked together in a cursive style with the ‘s’ looping through itself.  The logo that is placed on the hats is the same duck faced d that starts off the logo but is used as a stand alone symbol.

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