Monday, January 17, 2011

Scottish Thistle Tattoo Design

 The scottish thistle tattoo design is a distinctly Scottish emblem, it relates to the pride in being one of the people who descended from the Scots who emigrated around the world. The thistle is a symbol of pride, determination, tenacity and toughness in the face of great hardship and long odds
The plant on its own is not unlike a weed. 

The plant is very defensive in the fact that it has thorns and spikes covering the leafs as well as its flower.  The plant grows back stronger after being pulled if any of the root system is left in the ground. Another defensive aspect of the plant is how little water it needs.  The thistle is able to survive drought better than most other plants.  These defensive strengths make the plant very strong and hard to get rid of which is why it has been the symbol of the Scottish for so many years.


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