Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thermoforming Hinge Design

Thermoforming is a term describing the process of producing plastic parts from a sheet of plastic under temperature and pressure. Thermoforming offers, tight specifications, and sharp detail. With advanced finishing techniques, high-technology thermoforming creates products that are on par with those formed by injection molding.  Thermoformed plastics surround us in our daily lives. They have replaced many parts previously manufactured from wood, paper, glass, and metal.
thermoforming hinge design is efficient and cost effective for the production of plastic parts for any size, shape, or quantity. Temporary tooling offers an inexpensive short-term test for design issues and product market acceptance.

The steps to successful thermoforming starts with heating a thermoplastic sheet to a temperature that softens it for molding purposes.  Sheets come in a wide range of thicknesses depending on the desired product.  Then you must stretch the sheet to conform to a custom mold.  Then it is cooled until it becomes rigid and maintains the desired shape.  You then trim the plastic parts to eliminate edges.  The next step is the fabrication to configure it in to its final shape.


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